February 13th, 2019

Greetings from the edge of the unknown,

I’m thrilled to welcome you to the website of Strange Stars Entertainment. I hope it conveys a sense of journey and discovery. I hope it hints at the opportunities that lie behind the turn in the road, that beckon from beyond the stars. That, and maybe a sprinkle of the awkward blend of loneliness and hope that accompany those who travel beyond known borders.

If someone casually asks me “What is it that you do?” or “What is Strange Stars?” I’d likely give them the short answer: that Strange Stars Entertainment is “a venture capital company focused on incubating its own ventures”. Simple enough, no?

The longer answer, is that I founded the company as a multi-purpose vehicle. One that would launch several businesses that have been lurking in the back of my mind. One that would create and develop intellectual property––meaning both “IP” in the legal sense (copyrights, trademarks, patents) as well as the more commonly understood “world building” sense i.e. the creating of story, characters, universes, and the accompanying visuals.

Strange Stars Entertainment is a vessel, an empty cup. It is a construct that my team and I hope to fill with cool, fun, inspiring, and hopefully profitable things. As a reader, you’ll likely be more interested (and you should be) in what will fill our cup, than in our strange starship itself. We have several exciting upcoming announcements in that regard. So if you want an early peek, don’t be shy to check back here occasionally. We will use this part of the website, these Starsigns, as part blog, part company news, and part purveyor of interesting facts and events unrelated to Strange Stars––but which we think deserve notice and thought (or perhaps a chuckle).

Strange Stars is a celebration of journeys: the journeys on which we hope to embark, the journey to which we presently attend, and the journeys that lie behind. Related to that last part, if interested, you can read a summary of my past travels here to learn what enabled the resources and skills to launch this endeavor. And good news – you can now visit the “Travelers” page for an introduction to the extraordinary members of our strange team.

Stay on target. Stay strange.

Christian T. Petersen
Strangest Star
Strange Stars Entertainment