Position Available: Solutions Advocate

AWEbase is looking for a Solutions Advocate whose primary responsibility is to grow our Client portfolio.

In addition to the responsibilities described in the attached PDF, all positions at AWEbase are “hands on” and from time-to-time will be expected to engage in a diverse range of projects and tasks, some tedious or menial, as may be necessary for the well-being and positive trajectory of the company. All positions at AWEbase adhere to the values of our parent, Strange Stars, LLC. (see PDF for details). Download the job description for full details, here.

The Company:

AWEbase, Inc. develops a suite of productivity and communication software for creative enterprises known as AWEbase. Our intended clients are a global mix of toy and game publishers, software publishers, media companies, magazines, news outlets, and others. Beginning with the AWEbase Contractor module, we intend to continue developing a suite of software tools in the coming years, to make AWEbase an indispensable platform for our clients.

AWEbase is a new company launched in 2019 by a team of executives, developers, and software engineers with prior success in the entertainment consumer products industry.