From the beginning of human history, our species has engaged in social play and storytelling using the materials and technology of our time.

By stones in finger-marked sand, carved pieces on wooden boards, cubes of bone, printed paper, toy soldiers of metal, sculpted plastics, and pixels on screens; always we’ve come together in discovery, competition, and the shared narratives of imagination at play.

We believe such shared experiences are a necessary part of us: that in game and story we educate, inspire, and entertain. While materials and interfaces evolve to ever stranger and previously unimaginable places, our need for these experiences remains constant.

We believe such experiences are more powerful when shared with other people physically present. We believe the need for playful human interaction has never been greater, nor it scarcer.


Strange Stars, LLC is a small organization consisting of hand-picked individuals at the top of their fields. Between our staff and investors, we have decades of experience in consumer products, commercial production, retail, distribution, software, commercial storytelling, M&A, IP licensing, and creative development of proprietary entertainment brands.

Every day we enthusiastically engage in world-building, story creation, design, artwork, software development, R&D, business incubation, and management of our holdings.

Strange Stars manages capital contributed by our members, a small group of highly successful individuals including our managing partner and Strangest Star. We seek to grow that capital by developing products and companies that lie at the inflection point of story, games, and technology.


They provide us with clarity and comfort in both our inward and outward journey. We invite you to learn more about the brightest navigation points that guide us ever forward on our evolving path.


We are honest with ourselves in all things

We are honest with our business partners, vendors, customers, and our colleagues. We promise only what we believe can be delivered. We will ask for assistance when we need help to meet our goals. When we have concerns, we bring them to light.

We will not disparage the work of others, nor will we ask or pay for praise—for honor can only be given, never bought, never taken, and never requested.


We take our work seriously

We pay attention to detail. We are persistent and we feel urgency. We think ahead. We know that accountability cannot be shared. We meet the obligations that we set for ourselves and owe to others. We do first that which we like least. We are willing to roll-up our sleeves to do what needs to be done without complaint. We strive to add more value than we withdraw. We recognize that deferment, while sometimes necessary, is neither completion nor solution.

Our commitment to work does not cease at the end of the day, but is an enduring responsibility affixed to our lives. Likewise, our company’s commitment to us does not cease at the end of the day, but is an enduring consideration affixed to us, our families, our individual dreams and 
unique situations.


We make a positive impact on those around us

We are more productive and creative when we work together under the same roof. We support and are loyal to each other. We show up on time. We are positive and we do not grouse. We understand that our work affects others, and we understand that feedback is a gift. We respect those who are different than us. We respect those with whom we disagree.


We try to see through what something is, to what it can be

We dare to dream and we dare to do. Nothing is impossible just because we are told that it is so. Nothing is permanent. We would rather try and fail than stand still. We think abstractly. Our first instinct is to build, not buy. Small innovations are to be celebrated, for large and complex things are made up of small and simple things, put in the correct order.


We are never satisfied

We continually desire to improve all things, great and small. We consider solutions prior to communicating problems. We measure what we are and consider what we wish to be.


We don’t take shortcuts and we don’t overreach

We don’t sacrifice real value to meet arbitrary targets, yet we set goals. We strive to build lasting structures and brands. We invest in work now, so we may save work in the future. At times we choose to take less, so that we may later receive more. We know that trust is hard gained but easily lost, and that greed is the enemy to long-term anything and everything.

We have patience in knowing that over time good things will rise to the top and garner the best return on investment.


Our target customer is us

We do not wish to be all things to all people. We create and invest in products and experiences that are true to our own vision and our own inner stories.

We adhere to individual freedom and creativity, not to social checklists and quotas. Consequently, we may at times accept smaller markets, for we believe that authenticity and individuality will make for better, more unique, more valuable products and experiences in the long run.


We will not hide or shy away

We will admit and correct our mistakes. We will not cloak ourselves in anonymity or suffer the anonymous. We will own our decisions. We will give, take, and require accountability. We will be strong enough to be kind, brave enough to be humble, and ferocious enough to fight.

We will build an inner bulwark against the misinformed, the unkind, the manipulative, and the emotional violence of the online mob. We will stand up to attacks from those for whom entitlement trumps reason, or who ignore intent in favor of perceived injury.


We want to win so that we may play again, a better game

We believe success is financial and reputational in equal measure, that glory is greater shared, and that giving credit enriches the giver. We do not envy or covet the honest success of others, for success is ever possible for those that keep moving forward.

We are not entitled to a favorable outcome. We recognize that luck is always necessary for success, and know that luck is a result of consideration, perspiration, tenacity, and timing. We do not expect success or promotion to be planned or owed to us, but know that it must be earned over time in an unpredictable world.

We believe success must be shared with the unseen ones that carry us: our wives, our husbands, our sons, our daughters, our friends, and our mentors.


We enjoy what we do

We recognize that work is a significant part of our short journey on this earth, and that laughter, joy, play, and sense of accomplishment are among the greatest marvels of life. We strive to express these wonders in our investments, in our products, in our work, and in how we interact with others.

We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but rather we have those because we have acted rightly.